3 Nesil
Birikimin Getirdikleri.”

About ALBA


“3 Generations Of Experience …”

In 1972, Ali DELIBALTA has commenced activities in construction sector with various government contract works, consequently became the leading contractor in Black Sea region and became one of the well known businessman.

In the year 1982 completing his education on Architecture in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Faculty, 2nd Generation representative of the family Architect Azmi DELIBALTA, continued various activities in construction business for a period of time with his father. 

Due to his architectural education and his admiration to the traditional lifestyle of the region he has lived and his interest in Anatolian culture, effected to draw his concentration on “Restoration of Historical Buildings” on his career activities.

Established Alba Construction Industry and Trade Incorporation in the year of 1986, aiming for great targets as to become institutional and “become a brand” on restoration sector, has succeeded to become the first name to mind in restoration sector by important monuments, protection and restoration of national heritage.

3rd generation representative of the family, Yakup DELIBALTA, was elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors after completing his education on Interior Architecture in 2004. He has focused with his new generation ideas on progress and change by making the most effective use of technological opportunities. He has boosted educational activities to improve efficient and fast use of resources, attached great importance on overall quality, still stands as a leader in various activities to carry on the earned success.

Alba Construction, father, son and grandson “3 generations of experience”, has strongly proved their success by winning universally appreciated “Best Restoration Award” of the year.

Alba Construction has gained challenging achievements in recent years with the raise in budget for reparation of historical buildings that witnessed  and bear traces of those periods with different decoration and adornment such as Palace, Chalet, Mansion, Pavilion,  Mosque, Tomb, Madrasah, Cistern  etc. that were constructed with different techniques and heavily made of wood, stone and khorassan that belonged to Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire eras.  “Protection and Restoration works were performed along with Static Reinforcement” by experienced teams under supervision of science committees and universities.

Interior Architect Yakup DELIBALTA says ‘Total winnings and superiorities can be lasting only when all employees gather as one body’, as he takes the plunge by setting a target to “become a world brand” for Alba Construction.